Theatre Habits – Part 3

I’ve written about British Theatre Habits before. And although the blog entries on that topic count 2 already, there is still something to add. Today, we attended a martinee at the Opera. And as mentioned before, British people have the habit of taking their personal belongings into the theatre instead of bringing them to the … More Theatre Habits – Part 3

A theory of colours

There are a lot of famous modernist architects. One of them is truly outstanding. He was a pioneer in modernism, although he was never trained as an architect or engineer in university. The speech is of Le Crobusier, a French architect, who developed five principles of modernist architecture which were followed by a lot of … More A theory of colours


“Yo, I’ll tell you what I want. What I really, really want…” and “Backstreet’s back, alright!” are THE rhythms of the 90s. And the 90s are more than back. They are THE trend in fashion and nightlife. Whether it is a progress to wear trousers that end not much below the breast or tops that allow … More Wannabe

Goldfinger house

We have written a lot about cultural differences and how we have coped. As we are slowly settling in, stories about us struggling will (hopefully) be less and less. Instead, we start enjoying the spring and exploring London and surrounding. And sometimes also the sun, if she decides to come out. One thing, I recently … More Goldfinger house

Office shoes

There is a concept of office shoes which is very common in the UK working world but which I came across in Germany only occasionally. In order to protect the expensive, exclusive and shiny office shoes with the very sensitive leather sole from the wilderness of London’s streets, from the forces of the nature and … More Office shoes

British Theatre Habits

Follower of our blog may remember that we unsuccessfully planed to see a ballet on Valentine’s Day (see blog entry of 14 Feb). Just to let you, we finally enjoyed the ballet on 14 March. This Blog  entry, however, is not about the ballet but about British Theatre Habits. Firstly, Brits do eat in an ordinary theatre … More British Theatre Habits

PwC Pantomime

What is British culture? If that question is raised, one would probably think about Shakespeare, some also about Jane Austin :J . But British culture is also Pantomime; or just Panto. “Panto…what?”, you might ask yourself, which is exactly the reaction I had. But it turned out to be fun and quite a bit like … More PwC Pantomime