Almost there

The final day… it is nearly there. At the moment we are sitting in our – although furnished – quite empty and dusty flat. The relocator has packed all boxes this morning which should already be on their way to Germany (or the distribution centre). Since this last week in London has started I catch myself … More Almost there

Royal Wedding…

… but without us! Today the Prince of Wales announced the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Although I am really happy for them (having wed Alexander was obviously my best decision) I am a bit miffed: Not only that the wedding will take place in spring next wear (when we are back again … More Royal Wedding…

Expecto Patronum – Part 3 (with cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and a flake on top)

This year was quite a Harry Potter experience: we’ve visited Gloucester Cathedral, used magic at the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Tour, went to Leadenhall Market (where you can find the Leaky Cauldron) and watched Daniel Radcliffe acting at theatre. But for me something was missing… Nearly the same moment we learned that we will move … More Expecto Patronum – Part 3 (with cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and a flake on top)

Is it ever enough?

Perhaps you’ve recognized it eventually: we don’t love every single aspect London has to offer but there is something we really really appreciate: the cultural offerings. If you like you could watch a play, an opera or a concert every day – without any repetition. It feels like we have done more cultural things this … More Is it ever enough?


I know, we are miles away from the age where you enthuse about alcoholic drinks and try to persuade others that the one you’ve tasted recently is THE drink of the summer. To be honest – I am not sure what the current ‘in’-drink is. Could imagine it’s not sprizzer anymore which I’ve prefered the … More YUMMY!!! 

As you find it

On Sunday we had our first holiday hinking tour of this year’s holidays at the Lake District (the 5th time by the way). We decided to do an easy tour over Walla Crag – the fell we Germans would call ‘Hausberg’ of Keswick, the town we are staying at currently. After having reached the top … More As you find it

Culinary world novelty

I think nearly everyone of us has already tasted Alexander’s scones: they are fluffy, look great and (mostly) taste delicious. Today it was my choice to have a try at baking scones – I have to admit that all other scones I brought to work in the past were prepared under Alexander’s charge. The result … More Culinary world novelty