PwC Pantomime

What is British culture? If that question is raised, one would probably think about Shakespeare, some also about Jane Austin :J . But British culture is also Pantomime; or just Panto. “Panto…what?”, you might ask yourself, which is exactly the reaction I had. But it turned out to be fun and quite a bit like carnival.

Panto is a theatre play presented by amateur actors. The play is based on a fairy tale, but interpreted in a modern way with some extra story lines added to the main plot. Although it is meant to be for kids (and there have been a lot of kids), the play contains quite a lot of jokes that are more adult humour. It can be quite ironic, too, with men playing female roles. Music is also an important part and there are lots of singing parts included.

PwC has an own Panto ensemble (twitter @PwCPanto) which has presented Hansel & Gretel this year. They did a great job. Acting and singing was great. And the play was lots of fun. The crowd was also involved. We had to boo whenever the naught characters appeared. Additionally, we had to learn a dance. Make yourself a picture and watch the video:

It was a great night with lots of fun. But it was hard work for my colleagues, who trained from September to January twice a week. In addition, the band was recruited from PwC employees as well. And all costumes and the play itself were prepared in my colleagues free time. Thanks for this amazing show!


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