Welcome on our blog “Two years in London”.

We are Hanna & Alexander, a couple of Cologne in Germany who started a two year adventure in London. All began after Alexander has been offered a job opportunity in UK’s capital city.

As regular travelers to England for years, it hasn’t been a question to us whether to accept the offer or not. London is an exciting and vibrant city with lots of night life as well as culture. And it is the heart of Britains monarchy.

We are excited what the time in London will bring us. Living in a city will truely be different to visiting a city. Thus, we believed that it could be a good idea to start a blog. This gives our family and friends at home the chance to virtually join the journey and will leave us with a memory of this time.

We hope you enjoy this blog and encourage you to share comments as well as get in touch with us.

Hanna & Alexander