Theatre Habits – Part 3

I’ve written about British Theatre Habits before. And although the blog entries on that topic count 2 already, there is still something to add.

Today, we attended a martinee at the Opera. And as mentioned before, British people have the habit of taking their personal belongings into the theatre instead of bringing them to the cloak room, which is for free by the way. Directly after the last curtain has fallen, the first people take their belongings and rush out not joining in the applause for the artists.

Stupid me was thinking up to today that they need to get their tube and don’t want to be home too late. But that can’t be the reason as after today’s martinee, we could see the exactly same behaviour. The performance finished at 2.30 in the afternoon on a Saturday!!!

I don’t get. I don’t know why. Is it fast food culture? Did they dislike the performance? Are they just busy people? I really don’t know. And I don’t understand.

If someone out there does, please reply to this post. I do really want to understand that!

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