Yo, I’ll tell you what I want. What I really, really want…” and “Backstreet’s back, alright!” are THE rhythms of the 90s. And the 90s are more than back. They are THE trend in fashion and nightlife.

Whether it is a progress to wear trousers that end not much below the breast or tops that allow a perfect view on a not so perfect belly is truly questionable. Dr. Martens might be alright. But apart from that, the renaissance of 90s fashion is not quite for me.

But music of the 90s is definitely for me. And also for Hanna. This mixture of Rave, Dancefloor, Pop, Hip-Hop and Rock in the 90s is probably unique and we always have fun digging out old CDs from the 90s. This is, by the way, a media that young people probably don’t know anymore.

But as 90s are back, 90s parties are back too. And in London as well. One of these parties raised our particular interest as it was in the trendy area of Hoxton, but even more due to its title: “Spice Girls Party”. 90s dress-ups where explicitly encouraged and so it seemed very promising to us. However, what we experienced was … let’s say … interesting.

When we entered the bar at around 10, the party has already started and there were already quite a few people. Quite outstanding was a group of girls that celebrated one of the girls birthday. The birthday queen was dressed up as Britney Spears in a pink school girl like dress, a 90s backpack and two long blonde sided pigtails. The birthday queen’s friends were dressed-up as Spice Girls. One was Mel B with a curly brown hair wig, another one, Geri with a Union Jack Dress, that could have been from Deiters (a Cologne Carnival Shop). But Sporty Spice, Mel C, was definitely the best. The girl must have been very, very, very self-confident. Wearing just a leggings and a sport bra might work for some ladies. But if you have probably size 18 (German size 44), you shouldn’t wear that. The only effect is, that a role of the belly beacon presses out between leggings and bra. Not quite a pleasing view. However, the girls had fun. And so did we.

We were dancing to the music of our youth. We were drinking Desperados (Gosh, the last time drinking this must have been quite a while ago). And we were observing the scene. And I now do wonder, why we were going to be there? What have been our expectations? I can’t tell you anymore. But we had to realise that we were a bit displaced. Everyone around looked like they were rather born in the 90s instead of entering the dance floors in clubs at that time. But they were able to sing all the songs. And they did so loudly that the DJ turned of the sound a few times to hear the crowd sing.

The climax was reached, I think, when we decided to go home at about midnight. The girl at the cloak room was still prepared to take not to return cloths and was looking at me a bit puzzled, when I requested our coats. The rest of the club, probably didn’t notice us at all. I still live with the hope that everyone was thinking that we are moving to the next club (probably they didn’t). However, we were happy when we realised that we just reach the last tube and didn’t have to take a cab. Lucky us!

At the end, we felt a bit like Granny and Grandpa having a night out with their grandchildren. But, hey! We had fun. And even better: I was probably the only person in the club who has actually been to Spice Girls concert in the 90s. So keep calm and listen to the Spice Girls!

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