About Us

We, Hanna & Alexander, are a couple from Cologne in Germany, where we lived and work almost for the last decade. Our hobbies are Cologne Carnival and England.

We have a very strong connection to Cologne Carnival. We have meet each other the first time on a carnival party. Since a few years we are active members of the Carnival Association “Große Kölner K.G. e.V. 1882“. One of our favorite tasks is serving soup to our group for the Carnival Monday Parade before its start. But of course we are also joining lots of Carnival Parties.

England is a destination we used to visit a lot in the past. Especially, we traveled to Devon, the Lake District and London. So there are still a lot of parts of England to discover. Of course, we are members of the National Trust.

Hanna was born in Erfurt in Eastern Germany. She is a psychologist and works in HR. She loves English literature, English TV series and the monarchy. And as you can see, she’s always hungry.


Alexander was born in Munich, in the South of Germany. He works as tax consultant. During university, he already lived for seven month in Bristol. He is known for having a bad time management.