British Theatre Habits

Follower of our blog may remember that we unsuccessfully planed to see a ballet on Valentine’s Day (see blog entry of 14 Feb). Just to let you, we finally enjoyed the ballet on 14 March.

This Blog  entry, however, is not about the ballet but about British Theatre Habits.

  1. Firstly, Brits do eat in an ordinary theatre play as well as in the Royal Opera House. The food ranges from nibbles, a lot of nibbles, not only one bag but several, up to sandwiches which will properly be unwrapped associated by the noise of unwrapping sandwiches. I suppose it needs not to be mentioned that the food is brought from home rather then bought at the site.
  2. Secondly, Brits do drink similarly as they do eat. No further comments on that.
  3. But thirdly – and that is my absolute favourite – they resist using the cloakrooms. Brits will bring their coats as well as their bags in the theatre room no matter how less space there is. That might be understandable if cloakrooms would charge a tenner per item. But actually, cloakrooms are the only thing that is cheaper in London than in Germany. Cloakrooms are for FREE!!!

Dear Brits, I would probably appreciate if you would stop your eating and drinking. But please at least use the free cloakrooms. This would make so much sense!

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