Culinary world novelty

I think nearly everyone of us has already tasted Alexander’s scones: they are fluffy, look great and (mostly) taste delicious. Today it was my choice to have a try at baking scones – I have to admit that all other scones I brought to work in the past were prepared under Alexander’s charge. The result … More Culinary world novelty

Never ending love

We are on a short trip to German for a baptism of a friend’s daughter. But something should too not be missed in Germany: a full english breakfast. However, this time with proper German bread. Yummie!

Pure happiness

This is the look of my beloved husband after booking our summer holidays. Guess where we want to “travel“! Germany? Not this time! USA? No, of course! Teneriffa? Never again! Lake District? Absolutely yes! Since we had/have a lot of change this year we also decided to book a flat we already know: We don’t … More Pure happiness

Fire!!! Or not?

Does anybody remember the story of my 30th Birthday which we spend in London? At about half past 4 in the morning of my birthday night the fire alarm turned on. It was a very cold night and took some minutes to grab all our important things (shoes, winter jacket, trousers, socks, scarf, money, mobile … More Fire!!! Or not?

A true love story

As some of you perhaps know I have a strange fascination for scientific and odd creatures (no, this doesn’t include Alexander – they are dead mostly). Therefore I took my chance tonight and went to the late exhibition of the Natural History Museum and booked a ticket for the ‘behind the scenes’-tour. We already did this tour … More A true love story

British Theatre Habits

Follower of our blog may remember that we unsuccessfully planed to see a ballet on Valentine’s Day (see blog entry of 14 Feb). Just to let you, we finally enjoyed the ballet on 14 March. This Blog  entry, however, is not about the ballet but about British Theatre Habits. Firstly, Brits do eat in an ordinary theatre … More British Theatre Habits

A nice day out

As you probably know we received the message that Alexander will be employed with PwC in London at our wedding in September. Therefore we decided on our honeymoon which we spent in the lovely Lake District (yes, again!) to become members of the National Trust, an organisation which takes care of the preservation of historic … More A nice day out