Fascination and nausea

There are certainly some places in London which can be fascinating as well as cause nausea like the chamber of horrors at Madame Tussauds for example. But you don’t need to pay one single penny for this strange combination of feelings if you visit the Grant Museum of Zoology. Since I had some hours left and the comments on Tripadvisor were quite positive I decided to spent some time there. Actually you need 30 to 45 minutes at maximum to see the whole exhibition but this fact does not reduce the fun or nausea factor.

When you enter the one big room which is the whole museum you meet these cute little friends:


This was the first sight which made my throat tie up. But then I said ‘hello’ to this poor young lady:


But if you prefer animals or parts of animals without skin you will get your money worth (if you would have some spent):


But please don’t misunderstand me: although the exhibits were disgusting sometimes the staff of the museum which belongs to the University College London is doing a great job there. On the day I visited the museum was an extra event for children to explore the fascinating world of the different species we have on our planet. Nearly all of them were very excited with bright eyes and red cheeks since they have never seen something like that before. I also have to admit that they didn’t seem to have an upset stomach when they examined the exhibits.

And this is an important requirement for you (and your date) as well if you want to do something really special on Valentine’s Day:


Please note: one glass of wine is included. And since alcohol is very expensive in the UK you certainly don’t want to waste it.

2 thoughts on “Fascination and nausea

  1. Very disgusting. I envy your enthusiasm for all creatures in this world. Cheers with that glass of almost free wine 😚


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