Fire!!! Or not?

Does anybody remember the story of my 30th Birthday which we spend in London? At about half past 4 in the morning of my birthday night the fire alarm turned on. It was a very cold night and took some minutes to grab all our important things (shoes, winter jacket, trousers, socks, scarf, money, mobile phones, my new bag …). When we went off the room ther other guests already came back: somebody had smoked, the fire alarm was turned off and we went to bed.

Today, a bit more than four years later, we are on a trip in the Cotswolds. It’s our first night and we eventually managed to fell asleep in the very very soft bed. And AGAIN: fire alarm in the morning at half past four. And AGAIN: somebody had probably smoked. But this time we were one of the first guests outside (from the other 20% who thought it could be sensible to leave a hotel with a non stopping fire alarm turned on). It took about 25 minutes until the boss told us we can go back to our rooms. Now we are lying in our bed but I have three important questions:

  1. British people, why on hell do you smoke at 4:30am in hotels (where big  signs tell you not to smoke and everybody knows that the fire alarms are very sensitive in the UK)?
  2. Why do you have regular fire alarm tests in the office (every week) and then don’t manage to get out? Or are you just used to it?
  3. Will we get a refund?

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