Something to be really grateful

This is not a post about London or any cultural event. This is a post about one thing I’ve never thought that this would be one of my biggest learnings during the last months.

When we decided to move to London we obviously knew that we will be more or less alone. Not lonely because we have each other (and of course our incredible friends Katha and Chris who live here as well but will unfortunately move back to Vienna in September) but without a close circle of friends the possibility to visit them and familiy back home whenever we want.

Of course – although it’s not that easy anymore to open yourself to a lot of new people – we have already met some wonderful people we really like. But what I would never have expected is that relationships can grow although there are a lot of water and kilometres between you. As some of you know we’ve done easier things than getting planted in London. Sometimes we are struggeling – the people, the culture, the weather, the food, the language, the processes, the job situation, the NHS and so on and so on. But I had never imagined how strong the support and interest of our family and friends (=you) is. There is nearly no day without a short message, a Whatsapp picture or a call. And who would have known that speaking via Skype is – although not the same like meeting for a Kölsch – but something like face-to-face? Not me to be honest. It also needed us to go abroad to let my mom realize that having a smartphone is not like having a date with the devil but a good medium to keep contact with her daughter. And not to forget the small attentions we receive now and then in our letterbox.

Therfore I just wanted to say: Thank you! We are blessed having such marvellous family and friends in our live. This is something which makes me really grateful and happy!



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