British Theatre Habits

Follower of our blog may remember that we unsuccessfully planed to see a ballet on Valentine’s Day (see blog entry of 14 Feb). Just to let you, we finally enjoyed the ballet on 14 March. This Blog  entry, however, is not about the ballet but about British Theatre Habits. Firstly, Brits do eat in an ordinary theatre … More British Theatre Habits

PwC Pantomime

What is British culture? If that question is raised, one would probably think about Shakespeare, some also about Jane Austin :J . But British culture is also Pantomime; or just Panto. “Panto…what?”, you might ask yourself, which is exactly the reaction I had. But it turned out to be fun and quite a bit like … More PwC Pantomime

First cultural shock

To start with: I have been so naive, when I have thought there wouldn’t be much differences between the UK and Germany. Although the differences might be smaller than to other countries in the world, they are still significant. Not yet arrived, I had my first cultural shock when dealing with call centers. Getting things … More First cultural shock

Property viewings

What will the housing market be in London? So much heard about, but not sure how reliable the information was. What turned out to be true was that the prices where about four times as high as in Cologne (of course depending on the location). Starting without any experience with the London housing market, we … More Property viewings