English lessons – session 1

This is the first of probably many blog entries that deal with English language and our lessons learned.

The first funny story happend just yesterday when I was working from home. In order to inform my team of my absence from the office and of my reachability at home, I wrote a short email to let everybody know. I chose the subject “Home Office”, a term widely used in Germany when working from home.

I couldn’t imagine that this term would lead to a missunderstand by my English colleagues. However, it turned out that “home office” is the name for the UK immigration department: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/home-office. Instead of working from home, people understood, I might apply for a visa, UK citizenship or something related. But as BREXIT has yet to come, this is not necessary for the moment.

One of my colleagues was kind enough to tell me about my fault. And there is a polite English way to do so: “So you might want to say ‘working from home’ next time”.

As it seems, all Germany is using a wrong expression for working at home. If you are one of these “home workers”, remember next time when using the term “home office”.

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