How everything began…

Although we were thinking about living and working in London earlier, it was in spring 2016 when the journey has began.

I met this guy one night in Noordwijk in the Netherlands on a training of my employer. After he has found out that I was from Germany, Stuart told that he was to start a secondment in my team in Düsseldorf. Very soon, the idea of a employee swap between London and Düsseldorf was born. First not very serious. And I was sceptic as it sounded to good to be true. Also, we had some beer already.

When I returned home, I immediately told my wife Hanna. It turned out that she loved the idea and encouraged me to take next steps.

Stuart was very helpful. He ask his boss about the idea and brought us together. (If you read this, Stuart, many thanks again.) The rest of the process was more from administrative nature. So nothing exciting about this part anymore.

At the end, we were happy to receive the offer in September and the journey began…

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