When the Kunkels have a Valentine’s date

  1. They get very happy when they recognize that the ‘Sleeping Beauty’-ballet at the Royal Opera House which they booked in January takes place on February 14th coincidentally.
  2. They send each other an electronic invitation via e-mail because they don’t want to miss the day.
  3. They agree a convenient meeting time 1,5 hours before the event.
  4. They meet 15 minutes later since one Kunkel works longer (guess who).
  5. They gulp down their delicious Indish food.
  6. They rush to the opera house.
  7. They realize at the entrance that something totally went wrong:

2 thoughts on “When the Kunkels have a Valentine’s date

  1. That’s hilarious. Took me a second to get it 😃😃⚘
    Hope the rest of the evening went well despite the change in plans 😗


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