If you don’t want to have a drink on Friday evening

Nearly every Thursday evening we look at each other and ask ourselves: “Tomorrow is Friday evening. What shall we do?” Actually it’s an English unwritten rule that you should go out and have some or more drinks on Friday (if not Thursday AND Friday AND Saturday). I assume our consumption of alcohol will have been tripled or quadrupled after these two years, although we have never been teetotalers and always would choose a glass of sparkling wine instead of an orange juice. But since Alexander joined a three-days-PwC-event last week (which included ‘networking’ at the bar as well) and we were invited to a party on Saturday we decided to something ‘calmer’.

Although you have thousands of possibilities how to spend your evening in this town the decision process is always not that easy. But fortunately Alexander passed the church St. Martin in the Fields after Friday’s lunch and picked up a flyer which promoted a very interesting concert.

zettelSt. Martins in the Fields wasn’t an unknown church for us since we’ve visited the famous Café in the Crypt some years ago. But what we didn’t know was that there are events and concerts neary every day. For example jazz nights or lunch concerts for no or quite little money.

But the church is not only known for its cultural programmes. With The Connection at St. Martin in the Fields they support homeless people to move away from, and stay off the streets . As far as I know parts of the ticket fees are used for the work with the homeless.

The church is situated centrally at the north-east corner of Trafalgar Square in the City of Westminster. So London visitors could find it easily – and do something good while enjoying a lovely concert.


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