Curry Thursday

One of the highlights of my working week has always been Curry Thursday, an institution in our canteen. Curry Thursday was even written in bold letters on the sign above the till where it was served, not being just an informal name though. But today might have been the last Curry Thursday in history of PwC canteen, … More Curry Thursday

Office shoes

There is a concept of office shoes which is very common in the UK working world but which I came across in Germany only occasionally. In order to protect the expensive, exclusive and shiny office shoes with the very sensitive leather sole from the wilderness of London’s streets, from the forces of the nature and … More Office shoes

PwC Pantomime

What is British culture? If that question is raised, one would probably think about Shakespeare, some also about Jane Austin :J . But British culture is also Pantomime; or just Panto. “Panto…what?”, you might ask yourself, which is exactly the reaction I had. But it turned out to be fun and quite a bit like … More PwC Pantomime