Happy happy Birthday

At first: Thank you to all who have written, phoned or thought of me. I am so fortunate to have such incredible wonderful people in my life (currently for the most part unfortunately not around me). You made my day!

But even when on this birthday most of the birthday wishes came virtually it was a wonderful day. The day startet with a huge ‘Full English Breakfast’ prepared by the extraordinary gifted chef Alexander: mjammi! I felt like in (the baked beans and sausages) heaven:

With reason the sun was shining the whole day for birthday princesses and their princes:

I also got wonderful and amazing presents but as an autonomous woman I wanted to be generous to myself (due to the recent circumstances with the money of my husband, therefore not that independent):

Since it was not possible to get tickets for ‘Harry Potter – the Play’ elsewhere (even today when new 75,000 tickets were released I only managed to snatch queue number 28,957 – although I sat in front of my notebook waiting half an hour before the online ticket shop was opened) we had to be satisfied with the movie ‘Fantastic beasts and where to find them’. But also a good decision: Food again 🙂

But since popcorn can only be an appetizer we had the tongue hangig out for the next proper meal…

It was so tasty that we went mad:

After partaking about 11 billion calories we were too exausted to walk and crawled on the next bus to take us home.

But this day wasn’t just for celebrating. While we were having fun hundredhousands worlwide protested on the ‘Women’s March’ to express their opposition to Donald Trump and their approval to things which should be taken as natural: equality, freedom in thinking and to hold hands with people who are not that previleged.

As I read today in London we had 100,000 protesters. Two of them were our friends Katha and Chris who took this wonderful picture:

Let’s hope her wish has come true when she celebrates her 34th birthday!

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