Curry Thursday

One of the highlights of my working week has always been Curry Thursday, an institution in our canteen. Curry Thursday was even written in bold letters on the sign above the till where it was served, not being just an informal name though. But today might have been the last Curry Thursday in history of PwC canteen, as we will have a new caterer from next week. One of the few resorts of continuity in my life in UK will then be gone and I am not yet sure how I will cope.

The curry was always lovely. I usually went for the vegetable one, which used to have well cooked veg. Not to soft, not to hard. The sauce was a bit sticky, not too fluid. It came with a delicious fluffy mini naan and some papadum with condiments such as mango chutney. After I tried it once, I was addicted and never tempted by an alternative offer on Thursdays. It was just tasty!

Today it was the last time. And disappointingly, it hasn’t been tasty at all. Even more disappointingly, for the first time. The curry was cold. The veg was soft. And the rice hasn’t had any taste. Very disappointing. Very sad.

This last experience will definitely make the farewell easier. But I am sure I will miss Curry Thursday. I am not sure what to do for lunch on Thursdays now. But may I shall just keep calm and eat curry elsewhere!

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