I know, we are miles away from the age where you enthuse about alcoholic drinks and try to persuade others that the one you’ve tasted recently is THE drink of the summer. To be honest – I am not sure what the current ‘in’-drink is. Could imagine it’s not sprizzer anymore which I’ve prefered the last years (which is probably also a sign that this can’t be an ‘in’-drink consumed by twens and hipsters).

But what I’ve discovered this year is definitely one of THE drinks you should have tasted: Pimm’s. 

This is originally a brand of gin based liqueur but it seems as if nobody drinks it pure. The traditional receipe is to mix Pimm’s (about one to two shots, depending who much the guy behind the bar likes you) with some (more) lemonade. Sometimes no mixing is needed because this delicious liquid directly comes quite down-to-earth from a beer tap. Yes, we are in England where you measure most sorts of alcohol in units of 568 ml each. 

If you ask Alexander how Pimm’s tastes the polite answer would be: ‘That’s not exactly my kind of drink’. If you ask me: sweet but not too sweet, refreshing, like summer feeling and really quaffable – too quaffable sometimes.

If you live in London you can probably buy the more metropolitan version: with strawberries, mint and other fruit in the glass like a cocktail. 

The more rural way (from a pub in the Lake District’s countryside) is this one:

This is a half pint by the way (568 ml : 2) – but you can also have them as a pint (568 ml) or – for real English – in a pitcher (568 ml x ???). 

As far I know (thanks to wikipedia) Pimm’s is THE standard cocktail at polo matches. But also every pub sells it in the summer. So it’s perhaps THE drink of the last and future summers and I am finally hip?

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