Adventurous return journey

As I am writing this blog, we should already sit on a plane ready for the departure to Cologne. But we aren’t. And I even can’t blame British inefficiencies. It’s been the Germans this time. Eurowings sent us an email this morning that our flight was cancelled! But as we’ve taken over some of the … More Adventurous return journey

Moving Part II

After looking for a flat and organizing different stuff (like the referencing process for renting our preferred flat or struggling with the German job center) there it was: the last day at work in Germany. While Alexander will just switch the team at PWC, I had to put in my notice at ifp, my employer. … More Moving Part II

Moving Part I

Several times a day we ask ourselves how people manage it to move to countries more far away than the UK. Where we assume you have much more complicated issues to deal with (since let’s remember: the UK is STILL an EU-country). But also if you move just an one-hour-flight away the daily hassles reach … More Moving Part I