Moving Part II

After looking for a flat and organizing different stuff (like the referencing process for renting our preferred flat or struggling with the German job center) there it was: the last day at work in Germany. While Alexander will just switch the team at PWC, I had to put in my notice at ifp, my employer.

What a strange feeling to recognize, that you won’t see people every day anymore you worked with for five years, who probably know your behaviour and feelings in tough and stressful situations better than closer friends. But within the last hours together when we had a ‘Kölsch’ (or maybe two) there were no sad ‘saying good-bye’-feelings since the imagination not to see the colleagues after New Years Eve was too strange.

But the wrench (accompanied by some little tears) came the day after while packing my things and listening to Cologne’s carnival music.

Contrary to Alexander’s fear that we won’t be able to manage the move within the next days we were rather deft with packing the boxes or winning the furniture. After two days we drove with nearly 25 boxes to our self storage. I have to admit not being very talented in packing: while I was allowed to carry all the light boxes Alexander had to tow all the heavy ones (loaded with MY books).

This step in moving we managed better than expected but the real challenge was still waiting at home. All of you who have already visited us at home know Alexander’s wooden cupboard in the living room, which is a very heavy one. This cupboard had to be won and stored in a big transporter vehicle to get it from Cologne to Munich. Afterwards I asked myself why I paid so much money for the fitness club – carrying furniture and boxes from the flat to the lift and to the car were more sports than I’ve done for years (being honest which was not really much).

But after we had driven to Munich and had taken a lot of our stuff to Alex’s Mum’s chamber under the roof we had some nice Christmas days with our families in Munich and Erfurt – but always knowing that there were still other things in our flat in Cologne which wanted to be packed and stored within only a few days left before the final flight to London.

And this was the point when Alexander was right: Instead of carrying some small boxes and the last chairs to the self-storage (my thinking) we worked the whole days left and some nights. We also recognized that our rented self-storage room was too small to get in all things. Therefore we had to take a bigger (and more expensive) one, but thanks to my husband who is a genius in storing and packing our stuff now is locked away for two years. Unfortunately it is very unrealistic to go there spontaneously and fetch (and find) some costumes for carnival – which was my big hope.

To sum up all these experiences I have to admit that I really underestimated the effort for such a move. The next time  I would go with Alexander’s proposal to let the whole move be done and organized by a company – and this is probably in two years…

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