Who mentioned something about „two years“…

Okay, we have to admit it now: The title of this blog is probably not accurate anymore since we decided to leave London a year earlier than planned.

Most of your friends and colleagues know already (or at least should know). We haven’t been quite as happy in London as we should have been. There are various reasons why it hasn’t worked out for us. The city is too large, too hectic, too dirty and so on. But also work life wasn’t quite as expected, especially for Hanna. Thus, we decided in summer that we have to change it. Luckily, I received a job offer in The Rhineland which made the decision perfect. We will leave London by end of the year.

Although not correct anymore, we will not change the title of the blog. It may act as constant reminder that not everything in life is going according to the plan. It is still too early to draw a line. But I reckon, we can at least give an outlook and say that the time was valuable for us, though in another way than expected. And if plans go wrong: Keep calm and drink a cuppa! (I had a lot of tea this year.)

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