As you find it

On Sunday we had our first holiday hinking tour of this year’s holidays at the Lake District (the 5th time by the way). We decided to do an easy tour over Walla Crag – the fell we Germans would call ‘Hausberg’ of Keswick, the town we are staying at currently. After having reached the top of the fell it began to rain, a very very rare phenomenon at the Lake District or Great Britain at all. But this couldn’t disturb our pleasure to descend Walla Crag leisurly while talking about this and that. 

But then Alexander stopped and picked up something small from the ground. Something I’ve always desired but never have bought (or have been given as a gift): an iphone in rose gold. And just for a fourth of a millisecond I thought: “Perhaps somebody has thrown it away on purpose and took the SIM card out since he (or probably she) doesn’t want to get this incredibly beautiful device back“. But my excitement turned rapidly into sympathy when we discovered that the owner of the phone lost also her phone case including bank card, driver’s licence, Boot’s card (something like the payback card for dm – very important though), … Since it was raining heavier with every minute we decided to take the phone and everything else with us and take it to… hm… the tourist information? The police? The lost property office which probably doesn’t exist in Keswick? As you perhaps know the inhabitants of England don’t have something practical like an ID card with the adress on it and for some reason she didn’t put a bill of her water supplier or electricity provider (see ‘proof of adress’) which the people here usually use to cornfirm their adress in her phone case. The rest of our way home we discussed how we could find the poor girl who was now cut off the world without having a smartphone. Perhaps Facebook or she might try to call her phone? Or going to her bank? And if we could find her what would be an approptiate finder’s reward? Perhaps a coffee or – much more better – a pint of beer or cider? 

Every young woman (we had the date of birth and a picture from her driver’s licence) who crossed our way back had the pleasure to be precisely surveyed with staring at her face. But nobody resembled the picture. So we decided to take the phone home and charge it. There we saw that a contact of hers had tried to call the phone (which we couldn’t hear because the owner had switched on the moon/do-not-disturb-me function) and had written a Whatsapp message which was shown on the screen. While I (having no iphone) was thinking about how we could find out the number of the contact or if we had to sit in front of the phone waiting for the next call Alexander (who has a iphone for work) just wiped the call on the display to the left and could so call the contact back. “My wizard“ I thought (and “I want to have an iphone in rose gold as well!“).

So we found the owner eventually and could give her back her belongings. She and her friend (who had called us) must have gone the other way round and also walked back to search the phone but then we already had taken it. Perhaps this was a fortune due to the rain. 

She was “so happy to have the phone back… and, yes the bank card and driver’s licence as well, of course!“ Then both girls told us that they are working at the Theatre by the Lake in Kewick this summer and we got to know what was a more than appropriate finder’s reward: two evening tickets with perfect view for ‘As you like it’ (my fourth Shakespeare play this year with two more to come). That was a very generous remuneration and obviously also better than a pint.

So we went to the theatre on Wednesday evening excited to watch the play. 

As you can see in our best clothes. It was a modern interpretation quite similar to the ones we’ve seen at the Globe in London only the audience was 30 years older in average. 

But since we haven’t known that there is a theatre in Keswick we were happy to have found the phone once more – although we had to give it back 😉

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